TVGuide@UK - Now with Push Notification!

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*** Update v1.3. New functionalities!
TVGuide@UK now includes PUSH notification feature allowing you to set program reminders.

TVGuide@UK is a FREE application that displays TV programme schedules of the main channels in the UK.

With our new alert reminders, never miss another show! You will get timely alerts pushed to your iPhones even when the application is not running.

- Compile your favourite channels for faster access
- Search almost 100 channels
- Display all currently showing programmes
- Streamlined favourite management
- QuickView mode (highlights next 5 shows & allows swiping action for scrolling)
- Show 2 days program schedules
- New Push notification feature allows up to 3 upcoming alerts at a time

**** Please note the push notification functionality works best for iPhone devices.
**** If you are not getting notifications, from our testing it helps if you set and unset Airline Mode.
**** Please note this application requires internet connection to function.